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Receive an accredited MBA, experience three practical internships, and master career skills all within the span of 15 months

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Employer Co-design

The entry of Covid-19 to the Indian economy has steepened unemployability and furthered competitiveness for jobs.

Instead of focusing on passing exams, we co-design with employers to focus on supercharging your employability through relevant learning experiences.

Your MBA. Your Choice.

Our mission is to help you find your unique selling point so that you stand out in the job market.

We do this by curating your unique MBA journey based on balancing your interests and strengths, with employer needs. We also have unique specialization paths for you based on your career goals.

Application > Theory

Forget the classroom, business education should be taught in the boardroom.

Our unique MBA program provides you with three guaranteed internships, complementing your studies and empowering you with the experience needed to secure employment after graduation.

Accelerated all-in-one

The WorkExMBA is your one-stop destination to career success.

Our 15 month accelerated program earns you a specialized MBA, three internships and additional training in either social innovation, consulting, or analytics.

Tests do not define you

Traditional Indian MBA programs heavily rely on standardized test scores as the basis of eligibility and selection.

We take pride in our more inclusive effort by increasing the weightage on other promising means of selection, such as interviews, instead of examinations.

Real-life from Day 1

Spending two years earning a traditional PGDM hidden on a campus in the forest lacks relevant business exposure.

Whether it be through networking with executives from our employer partners to workplace skills training, we ensure that you have real business exposure from the start.

Program Snapshot

Start Date
September 2021

15 Months

Batch Size
30-40 Students

Career Stage
Recent Graduates

Bachelor’s Degree


Mumbai, India


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Founder's Perspective

The brainchild of both academics and industry leaders

“Forget the classroom. Business education should be taught in the boardroom. The workexmba does just that!”

Rajiv Podar
Managing Director,
Podar Advisory Co-founder Workexmba

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