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Employer co-design

The entry of Covid-19 to the Indian economy has steepened unemployability and furthered competitiveness for jobs.

Instead of focusing on passing exams, we co-design with employers to focus on supercharging your employability through relevant learning experiences.

Application > Theory

Forget the classroom, business education should be taught in the boardroom.

Our unique MBA program provides you with three internships, complementing your studies and empowering you with the experience needed to secure employment after graduation.

Your MBA. Your Choice.

Our mission is to help you find your unique selling point so that you stand out in the job market.

We do this by curating your unique MBA journey based on balancing your interests and strengths, with employer needs.

Learn beyond the classroom

    • Turn MBA theory to practical application through three internships
    • Immerse yourself in our social innovation, consulting, and analytics learning labs

    • Hone your networking skills at bi-weekly seminars with industry leaders

Secure your post-Covid career

    • Build relationships with executives and teams from top-tier companies
    • Get multiple opportunities to convert your internships to full-time jobs

    • Receive workplace-skills training to best prepare you for job conversion

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The brainchild of both academics and industry leaders

“Forget the classroom. Business education should be taught in the boardroom. The workexmba does just that!”

Rajiv Podar
Managing Director,
Podar Advisory Co-founder Workexmba

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