A test score does not define you. We take a holistic approach to evaluate our candidates in order to maintain diversity of talents in our classrooms.

Students must fulfill the following requirements to be able qualify for an admission to the program.

Graduates from any discipline in the final year of college with expected date no later than July 2021.

Minimum Weighted Average Marks at the end of Bachelor’s degree – 50%

English Language Proficiency

Optional CAT/Other Exam Submission, not required and does not decrease application chances

Selection Process

Our admission process is designed on holistic principles and values that are held by Podar Education. At each stage candidates are evaluated on their level of engagement with academics and extra-curricular activities while taking into account their unique life journey.

Connect with us.
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Invest in your future.
We invite you to share with us who you are and your aspirations for your bright future. Help us to help you.

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Tuition and Aid

We also provide financial aid through zero-interest loan packages. Contact us to find out more.

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